You are the only one who can

ONLY YOU can give God YOUR love and comfort.

If today is an ordinary, normal day then about 150,000 people will die today all around the world. Each and every one of those human beings was and is a precious, beloved child of God. He loved each one and called each one to Himself.

However, God can only love each human being as actively as each human heart allows. God offers His love to each and every human being. Unfortunately not every person accepts the love God offers.

In fact, some people choose to go to Hell rather than share God’s life in Heaven. God does not send anyone to Hell. God did everything He could, even allowing nails to be driven through His body, to convince us human beings of His love for us. Yet some people reject God’s love and choose to go to Hell.

Unlike our grief when a loved one dies, where we are comforted by the thought that we will see them again someday; when God loses one of His precious children to Hell, there is no hope. God loves each and every one of those lost souls with all His heart, with all His soul, with all His strength. Yet, He can never talk to them; never hold them; never comfort them because they will not let God actively love them. Each human being lost is an eternal torment of grieving in God’s heart.

Only love and the joy it brings can overcome the sorrow of grief. You too are a precious, beloved child of God. You have the power to comfort God in His grief. Furthermore, ONLY YOU can give God YOUR love and comfort.

Please offer God your love and comfort at least once every day. You and you alone can give God your love and comfort. Will you? Every day? Please!