Why God allows grief

If you look on the internet, you will find that,
all around the world, about 150,000 people die every day.
Every one of them a human being,
a beloved, precious child of God.

God loves everyone.
God wants everyone to join God in heaven.
Unfortunately, not all of us do.
If I say that 95% of people go to Heaven and
only 5% of people go to Hell, would that be optimistic enough?

OK, then for discussion purposes, we can figure that
150,000 people a day die all around the world;
5% of them, 7,500 people a day go to Hell.
God loses 7,500 of His precious children forever every day.

God loves every one of those human beings who go to Hell.
God grieves the loss of His children.

The Catechism of the Catholic Church clearly teaches that
God does NOT send anyone to Hell.
The essence of Heaven is being with God.
The essence of Hell is being without God.
The people who live without God do so because
they reject God and they refuse to be with God.

When we lose a child, we have the hope of
seeing them again in Heaven.
When God loses a child to Hell, there is no hope.
God can never hold them, never comfort them.
You never get over grief. You get used to it.
God will grieve, will feel the pain of the loss of His children, FOREVER.
Grief is a permanent part of God’s life.

We were all created to share God’s life.
God waits to embrace each one of us as we come home to Him.
However, many of us who choose to be with God,
limit how much we will participate in the life of God.
We limit how closely we are willing to let God embrace us.

Many people choose to be with God, but then, as God runs to hug them,
they sense the grief God carries over His lost children,
and they pull back.
They feel they cannot handle the pain in God’s life,
so they deny themselves full participation in God’s life.

You, who know the depth, the intensity, of the pain of losing a child.
You who have survived that pain and become
able to be happy, even while still grieving;
you will not need to pull back from God.
You know you can fully share the pain in God’s life and therefore,
you can fully share the joy of God’s life.

And this is part of why God allows such suffering in this world.