Four year old children can be very naughty. They can make their mommies very mad. Yet, a loving Mommy would NEVER lock her four year old out of her house. So, why do we worry that God might lock us out of Heaven? Good question! I’m glad you asked!

We worry because we think of God like a fellow human being while, in reality, God is far beyond us humans. God will not lock us of of Heaven. However, we might lock ourselves out of Heaven.

While a loving Mommy would never lock her four year old out of her house, the four year old might walk away. I can well imagine a four year old saying, “I’m going to Grandma’s house. She’ll let me have a cookie.” A four year old might leave the comfort, safety, and happiness of his mother’s home for the mistaken idea that Grandma’s house and a cookie await.

This is the danger we all face. When you die, Jesus will invite you to share His life Heaven. You will choose whether to accept His invitation or to reject Him and go looking for the equivalent of that four year old’s cookie.

We all get to choose Jesus, or not Jesus. Which we will choose will depend largely on the choices we have made as we lived our life on Earth. If we have developed strong attachments and desires for Earthly things, then we may well choose them, thus rejecting life with Jesus.