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David became famous when he defeated Goliath.

1 Sam 17:1-52

And from that day on, [King] Saul was jealous of David. 1 Sam 18:9

Saul then began to fear David, (because the LORD was with [David], but had departed from Saul himself.) 1 Sam 18:12

…the Philistines pursued Saul and his sons closely, … Saul, [and] his three sons… died together [in one] day. 1 Sam 31:1-6

… all the elders of Israel … anointed [David] king of Israel. 2 Sam 5:3

Then … King [David] and his men set out for Jerusalem against the Jebusites who inhabited the region. … David did take the stronghold of Zion, which is the City of David. 2 Sam 5:6-7

David grew steadily more powerful, for the LORD of hosts was with him. 2 Sam 5:10

The Israelite population grew to the point where …

… of men capable of wielding a sword, there were in all Israel [the Northern Kingdom] one million one hundred thousand, and in Judah [the Southern Kingdom] four hundred and seventy thousand. 1 Chron 21:5

The Israelites had over one and a half million soldiers. David had many adventures with those soldiers. You can read all about them in First and Second Samuel and First Kings. David wrote the PSALMS which

… nourished prayer and expressed prayer # 2586

In the Psalms David, inspired by the Holy Spirit, is the first prophet of Jewish and Christian prayer. # 2579 see also # 2586

[David’s] prayer … expressed a loving and joyful TRUST in God # 2579 see also # 2589

… [David’s] wife Bathsheba. … bore him a son, who was named Solomon. 2 Sam 12:24

The length of David’s reign over Israel was forty years 1 Kings 2:11

David rested with his ancestors and was buried in the City of David. 1 Kings 2:10

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