An Allegory of Heaven, Hell, and Purgatory

Once upon a time, three friends Kim, Lashonda, and Phil all died and
found themselves together facing eternity.

St. Peter greeted them and immediately invited all three to share God’s life, saying
“Welcome! I am delighted to see you. God has made His judgment. God loves you and God wants you to share His life forever. Here and now, you make your judgment.
Choose whether you will share God’s life … or not.”

Lashonda shouted, “Alleluia!” and ran to St. Peter and gave him a big hug then asked,
“What do we do in heaven?”

St. Peter answered, “We make music! Music is the universal language. Music brings us all together; uniting people of all times, all places and all cultures. Our Heavenly Father leads millions of bands playing all kinds of music. What instrument do you want to play?

Lashonda replied, “I play clarinet.”
“Great!” St. Peter said, “Do you want to play classical or jazz today?”
‘Let’s do jazz today!” Lashonda answered.
“OK then!” St. Peter said, as he gestured to a nearby angel, “Esau here will show you to a jazz group that needs a clarinet player.” Lashonda and Esau hurried excitedly toward Lashonda’s new, heavenly life.

St. Peter then turned to Kim and said, “How about you my friend?”
Kim, bowed her head and said, “Well… St. Peter, I want to share God’s life, but
I … I can’t play any musical instruments.” and Kim hung her head in shame.
St. Peter, gave Kim a hug and said, “That’s alright. We have an area especially set up where you can learn all you need to know.” Gesturing to another angel, St. Peter said, “Ken here will take you to where you can learn to play music. When you’re ready, you’ll join in full participation in Heaven.” Kim allowed Ken to lead her to prepare for her new life in preparation for heaven.

As Kim walked away with Ken, St. Peter turned to Phil.
Phil had watched all this in silence. He didn’t move. He didn’t say a word.
“And you, my brother, how about you?” St. Peter started.
Phil stepped back so St Peter couldn’t hug him and shouted,
“Music! That’s what Heaven is all about?”
St Peter answered, “Well, yes; unity and fellowship expressed by making music together.”
Phil shouted back, “Unity shmunity! Where was God when I needed Him?
I don’t play music! Not now! Not ever!”

Phil stalked off. He saw a glow of fire in the distance and headed toward that.
He did not know or care where he was going nor who he would be with.
Phil just wanted away from St Peter and all connection with God.

Jesus joined St Peter as Phil walked away. And Jesus wept.