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The Magisterium

The Magisterium of the Roman Catholic Church consists of
the Pope and the bishops working together
under the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

A good example of their work is
the Catechism of the Catholic Church (“CCC”).
During the late 1900s there were people
(like me) running around saying
the Church teaches this and the Church teaches that.
So the bishops took 20 years to write a book saying
officially what the church teaches. The CCC is the result.
It is a wonderful resource that
clarifies the teachings of the Bible very nicely
(OK, sometimes things are still not clear).

Now, while the bishops were writing the CCC,
they repeatedly prayed for guidance from the Holy Spirit.
In your opinion, did God ignore their requests?
Yes, the bishops are sinners like us all,
but they were sincere in asking for guidance.
Furthermore, it is important to God that
the Church have good guidance.

So, my conclusion is that
the Holy Spirit granted their prayers and
gave the Magisterium His guidance in writing the CCC.

I am a Roman Catholic in part because,
while I occasionally disagree with a bishop,
their teachings are overwhelmingly
consistent, rational, and in keeping with the Bible.

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