The Purpose of Life

Before time began, God was perfect, complete, and completely alone. God had a heart full of love to give.  And, within the Trinity of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, God knew the joy of mutual love. But outside the Trinity, God had ABSOLUTELY NO ONE to share it with. So … God created first the angels and then us human beings for the purpose of sharing the joy of mutual love.

You are a good example. From the beginning of time, to now, to the end of time; there never has been, is not, and never will be another person exactly like you; with exactly your DNA, your experiences, your personality, your soul. You are beyond precious. You are beyond rare.  You are unique. In all the universe, in all of time, you are unique.

Therefore, the joy of mutual love that you can give God, if you will, is unique. Because you are unique and because God loves you personally, passionately, absolutely, eternally. God loves you. There are no limitations on God’s love for you. There are no conditions on God’s love for you. God loves you exactly as you are.

In fact, God loves you too much to let you stay exactly as you are. There are limitations on our human ability to love. There are conditions on our human ability to love. Those limitations and conditions become limitations and conditions on our ability to share the joy of mutual love with God.

So … God has given you this life as your opportunity to overcome the limitations on your ability to love; your opportunity to outgrow the conditions on your ability to love.

As you journey through life, developing your ability and willingness to love, you move more and more deeply into sharing the joy of mutual love with God.

A Journey to Joy


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