Why does God allow suffering?

It is sad but true that without God’s help,
I would destroy myself with my own sinning.

Therefore, whatever happens to me
that is not as bad as my own
total self destruction is a gift from God.

Frankly, it is often hard to see the gift.
But sometimes even a sinful man like me
can see how God brings good out of suffering.

For example, after 45 years of happy marriage,
I thought our love was as strong as it could get.
But recently, as we endure medical issues together:
My love for my wife has grown even stronger.
My wife’s love for me has grown even stronger.
This increase in love is well worth what we suffer.

Thank you, my God, for the difficulties
you allow (and empower) us to endure
and for the good you bring out of
bad things that happen to your children.