You, Me, Them and Us

You are a beloved, precious child of God.
You are a unique creature; never seen before and never to be seen again.
God loves you with all His heart, with all His strength; with all His soul.
God does not love you more because of choices you make.
God does not love you less because of choices you make.
God chooses to love you without conditions.
God chooses to love you without limit.
God loves you completely and eternally.
You are God’s baby.

I am a sinner.
Without God’s help I would destroy myself with my own sinning.
Without God’s help my sins would lead to my own death;
not my physical death, but worse, my spiritual death.
I need God’s help to save me from my sins.

All human beings, like you, are precious, beloved children of God.
All human beings, like me, are sinners.

We human beings are all in the same situation.
All of us are loved passionately by God.
None of us have earned God’s love.

Our differences are not in God’s love for us; not in God’s treatment of us.
Our differences are in our love for God; in our treatment of God.