Oyster Mushrooms, for example, retail for about $10/lb.
Typical splits are approximately:
Consumers buy at full retail = $10/lb
Retailers buy at half of retail. = $5/lb
Distributors/wholesalers buy at a quarter of retail = $2.50/lb
Growers keep anything from $10/lb to $2.50/lb

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Grow on straw

Grow on straw

Grow on straw

Pasterurize straw

Spawn (seeds)

Inoculation (planting)

Grow Tent

Bed method

Farm set up


Suggested Beginning Supplies
Pallets, Styrofoam sheets, Plastic bags or sheets, Tools, Bleach, Sealant/Paint, Straw or Wood, Spawn (Seeds)

A possible business approach is shown here: A Possible Income Projection