Grief is overwhelming; soul crushing. There is no way to get around it. We have to go through it.

We appreciate the food, the cards, and all the expressions of sympathy. But the greatest comfort comes from those who visit, sit with us quietly, and say “I know. And I am with you.” The greatest comfort comes from those who have known true grief and have the power to share our grief.

We do not get over grief. We get used to it. We become able to be happy while still grieving. This is an important power.

If you have known and survived true grief, you can have this power and can use this power in Heaven. Imagine with me please:


One day in heaven, Jesus comes to you and says, “Take a ride with me.” Just you and Jesus. He drives up to one of the “many mansions in my Father’s house”. You ask Him who’s house it is. Jesus turns to you with a tear in His eye and says it is Adolph Hitler’s house. (I assume Adolph Hitler rejected God like he rejected so many of God’s children.) You follow Him up the walk and into the house. The house is empty.

Jesus sighs as He walks through the house and finally sits at the kitchen table and stares out the window, weeping gently.

The Creator of the Universe, Lord and Master of All that Exists; letting out His grief. Jesus feeling His soul crushed by the loss of one of His beloved creatures. You, because you have known and survived grief, you are able to take His hand and say to Jesus, “I know. And I am with you.”