Why the Roman Catholic Church 5 of 5

Only by the grace of God

It is a formal teaching of the Roman Catholic Church
that every Roman Catholic is a sinner.
Having lived among Catholics all my life,
I find it easy to agree. We are all sinners.
(except my parents and grand parents, of course!)

I am convinced that if keeping the church going
was up to us human beings, it would not last 100 years.
Yet the fact is
the Roman Catholic Church has lasted for over 2,000 years.
Through many trials and snares it has already come.

A few religions are older, but they do not have a hierarchy structure.
No government, no company, no other organization of any kind
has survived nearly as long as the Roman Catholic Church
has survived as a structured organization.

I am a Roman Catholic in part because
the 2,000 year survival of the Roman Catholic Church
with all us human beings in it is a miracle.
Only God could keep this church together so long.

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