Why the Roman Catholic Church 2 of 5

The other Sacraments

Like the communion bread, the other six Sacraments
(Baptism, Confirmation, Reconciliation, Anointing, Marriage, and Holy Orders)
are gifts from God.

Sacraments CANNOT be earned by us human beings.
Sacraments CANNOT be deserved by us human beings.
God offers His Sacraments to us freely as unearned, undeserved gifts.

Think about it and you will realize that
a gift cannot be given unless it is accepted.
Much as God loves you and much as God wants to give you His gifts,
He CANNOT give them to you unless you accept them.
Because a gift forced on you would no longer be a gift.

Being gifts, sacraments CAN be accepted or rejected by us human beings.
We choose whether to accept or reject God’s gifts.

So how does God know you really want His gifts?
Good question! I’m glad you asked.
As we all know, actions speak louder than words.
So, Jesus and His church have wrapped His gifts in
the form of Sacramental rituals, actions we take to accept His gifts.

For example, when I got married, I did not just sign a paper.
Through the marriage ritual,
I asked God for His help in making my marriage successful and
40 years later He is still helping my wife put up with me.

I am a Roman Catholic in part to celebrate and receive God’s gifts.

The 3rd biggest reason why I am a roman Catholic is  3) Endorsement by God