Everyone Everywhere Purifier

EVERYONE EVERYWHERE can be empowered to independently purify unsafe water into distilled, safe water to drink using locally available materials and energy sources. Everyone Everywhere Purifiers are fully scale able from individuals to households to entire cities.

ANY COMBINATION OF ANY SOURCES OF HEAT (Herein “heat” is used as synonymous with “thermal energy”.) can be used to power Everyone Everywhere Purfiers: solar power; waste heat from stoves, engines, furnaces, etc.; burned fuels; geothermal heat; heat from compost piles, etc. etc. etc.

MOST PRACTICAL heat source is exhaust heat from an engine, furnace, stove, kiln, etc. Simply use the Everyone Everywhere Digester like an exhaust hose extension.

VERY PRACTICAL heat source is biomass such as straw, wood, dung, empty corn cobs, seeds, dry leaves, cloth, paper, alcohol, bees wax, etc etc etc.

LESS PRACTICAL is fossil fuels such as oil, methane, propane, paraffin wax.

LEAST PRACTICAL heat source is Solar Energy. While a Everyone Everywhere Purifier will work fine with solar power alone, it can only work with as much power as the Sun will provide. Even at the equator, on a cloudless day, a 1 square meter Everyone Everywhere Purifier at 100% efficiency could only purify 15 liters per day.

Formula: (solar constant at Equator * evaporation area * 12 hours/day * 3600sec/hour *

average sine of 1º through 90º ie rising and setting sun) / enthalpy of water = maximum liters/day

Calculation: (0.00137 mJ/sec/m2 * 1 m2 * 12 hours/day * 3,600 sec/hour *

0.642159 average sin) / 2.454 mJ/liter = maximum 15 l/day purified.

Burning biomass is much more practical and just as sustainable. Biomass is, after all, concentrated solar power. The Sun will shine. Plants will grow. Then plants will rot, putting methane into the atmosphere UNLESS we harvest plants and capture their methane production.

HOW THEY WORK: the guiding principle is the universal one for distillation, ie evaporate and re-condense water. However, Everyone Everywhere Purifiers do not distill water by directly heating a big pot of unsafe water and cooling the steam. Instead, captured air is repeatedly heated, allowed to collect evaporated water, cooled to release the water, then heated again to restart the cycle. Capillary action/wicking is used to partially purify and spread out water for the air to absorb.


  1. Everyone Everywhere could build a working purifier from scraps on a garbage pile
  2. Publishing this writing should make the idea not patent able.
  3. Uses any combination of heat sources
  4. Scale able from single person to city
  5. Can use locally available materials

(beware of temperature maximums)

  1. Installable on boats and vehicles
  2. Quick, low cost process to undo fouling by salt residue etc
  3. Can be operated by non-engineers
  4. Simple, affordable, reliable
  5. Do NOT need moving parts
  6. Do NOT need chemicals
  7. Do NOT need filters
  8. Do NOT need electronics

This example was designed for a household that already had a fire pit and a smoker.

For detailed explanation see: joyfulcatholics.com/non religious ideas/Everyone Everywhere

My research has been done primarily on the internet, so checking my research and checking my math are both worthwhile. Everything I have written here is to the best of my knowledge and belief.